Fitness for Life


Aerobic dance with music is used in all kinds of fitness activities. Our Aerobic classes offer variety of opportunities to help keep you active and fit. Our Floor and Step Aerobic classes provide the perfect environment that’s non- intimidating and designed to help you reach your fitness goals. All our instructors are professionally qualified to take such classes.

We’re not just about making you look good, we’re about helping you feel fantastic too. Our dance instructors will help you care for the whole you – leaving you free to concentrate on more important things – like squeezing even more out of life.


Everyone sets out to achieve fitness targets, and working in groups often helps you monitor your own progress in comparison to others. The human body is very adaptive but at the same time resigns to repetitive movements which cause 'exercise plateaus,' in order to keep progressing your fitness goals we offer a wide variety of training disciplines through our group classes.

The ancient exercise form that has stood the test of time and has proved to be beneficial at all levels—mental and physical.

Power Yoga

The The Brothers Gym training system aims to retain the vitality of the body and decrease chance of disease by simply and naturally cultivating the body and mind of the practitioner. The Brothers Gym Yoga class is a traditional, slow paced, meditative class that helps encourage proper breathing, flexibility, strength and vitality in the body while calming the mind.Because Yoga is a spiritual system with a physical component, this non-competitive approach helps the practitioner gain much more than just a healthy body.

A typical open class includes pranayama (breathing exercises), warm-up including Sun Salutations, 12 basic asanas (yoga postures) with relaxation between postures, and finally, deep relaxation based on the 5 principles of Yoga.